Pogo Pin


What are pogo pins?

A pogo pin is a type of electrical connector mechanism that is used in many modern electronic applications and in the electronics testing industry. They are used for their improved durability over other electrical contacts, and the resilience of their electrical connection to mechanical shock and vibration. The name pogo pin comes from the pins resemblance to a pogo stick – the integrated helical spring in the pin applies a constant normal force against the back of the mating receptacle or contact plate, counteracting any unwanted movement which might otherwise cause an intermittent connection. This helical spring makes pogo pins unique, since most other types of pin mechanisms use a cantilever spring or expansion sleeve.

What is the basic structure of a pogo pin?

A generic pogo pin consists of 3 parts: Barrel, Plunger and Spring. Pogo pins are often inserted into a housing for better stability, but in many cases those pins are just soldered directly onto a PCB. Usually the plunger of the pogo pin contacts a gold pad, called a “contact pad” or “mating pad”, that closes the circuit. The Barrel is soldered on a PCB or has a wire attached to it. Pogo pins are often considered the more durable connector type compared to flat spring connectors, as the pin does not scratch the surface of the contact pad.

What is a spring probe?

Spring Probe(Contact Probes) is used to test semiconductor or PCB used in many electric appliances or electronic devices. They can be considered as nameless heroes who help people lifestyle everyday.

What is the difference between spring probes for PCB and Semiconductor?

Spring Probe for Semiconductor : Spring Probe is installed in IC socket, which is fixed on PCB in IC tester. It becomes an electronic path and connects semiconductor and PCB. Spring Probe for PCB : Spring Probe is used for continuity check of PCB itself. Also used for component checking and functional tests after fixing semiconductors or electronic parts on PCB. For these purposes, It is common to use the spring probe with Receptacle.

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Probe Pin Manufacturers for Testing Products

Probe pin is also known as pogo pin or spring probe.  It is designed to test the connection between two circuit boards and devices or equipment under test.

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