Test & Validation

Fulfilling the standards as specified is very important for TTS in meeting customers requirements. We as a socket tester have a dedicated Test & Validation unit to test and validate probe pins whilst still in the development process. A comprehensive range of test are carried out to produce objective evidence of the performance and reliability of our pins. These evidence are collated from a series of tests; cycling test, CRES test, force resistance displacement, current carrying capability, SEM inspection and x-ray inspection.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)Micro-Focus X-ray MachineHorizontal Automated Cycling Machine (HACM)Auto Force Displacement Resistance (FDR1) MachineAuto Force Displacement Resistance (FDR2) MachineVertical Automated Cycling Machine (VACM)Current Carrying Capability Measurement System

Visual inspection of pin tip surface. Magnification of up to 300,000x.

Visual inspection of probe pin internal structure. Magnification of up to 2,000x.

Cycling test to study the CRES lifespan of pin.

Measure CRES, Force and Displacement data of pin

Dedicated unit for FDR screening.
Screening pin by CRES, Force and Displacement data of pin

Temperature cycle pin to study lifespan of pin with temperature and current flow .

Measure temperature raised by electrical current (continuous or pulse) by way of infrared camera