Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an important process in our delivery of test tooling solutions to fulfil our customer’s requirements. We built quality into every stage of our process from the start to the end; of assuring performance and quality in the products we deliver to customers. Quality is incorporated from the very outset, at the design stage, during production process and at final products inspection. Our objective has always been to sustain customers trust and belief in our quality and maintain TTS as a preferred semiconductor test and tooling solutions provider.

Computerised Measurement EquipmentPrecision measurement toolScope Magnification EquipmentAuto FDR MachineVisual Inspection Microscope
To verify parts dimension and image of the mechanical component.
To inspect and verify parts dimension through imaging of probe pins
To inspect physical properties of component – plating hardness, thickness, etc
To evaluate contact resistance of assembled part to ensure the performance of probe pins.
To detect and examine surface flaws under microscope for structural failure