Green Initiative

Cleaning up the River with Mud Balls

Sat, 13 NOV 2010

Employees of TTSM were wearing the same “T” shirt and eagerly waiting to fulfill the second part of the “Greening Penang Program – Mud Balls Throwing”. When two chartered buses arrived, everyone boarded the buses and travelled to the nearby “Sungei Nibong Kecil” river. Plastic crates filled with 10,000 pieces of mud balls which were made about a month ago were transported by a truck and arranged at the river bank. After taking a few snaps of photos to commemorate the event, everyone started to put their hands into the crates to scope up the mud balls and throwing into the river. A few colleagues from Japan, Singapore, Thailand and USA had also joined the event which lasted about an hour. With various actions and poses in an effort to throw the mud balls into the river, this event not only enabled employees to interact with one another in an interesting and fun manner but the group had also contributed towards Saving The Environment For A Better Living.

Upon completion of the mud ball throwing, the event continued with presentation of Long Service Awards. Four loyal employees were awarded with 5 years’ Service Award and everyone was treated to a buffet lunch.