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Wed, 11 April 2018

Behold! We are preparing the ground work for taking delivery of the latest machining centre. This is the first among the many deliveries in the 2018 through 2020. The first machine is expected to arrive at the factory on the 18th April. Stay tuned!

Fri, 16 March 2018

SEMICON China 2018 was a rewarding experience once again for TTS Group. We thank all those for visiting and showing interest in our test and tooling solutions. The 3 days event in Shanghai, gave us an opportunity to share our capability and showcase our services. We had fruitful discussions with visitors that revolved around our solutions range of probe pins and test sockets for AIoT and Sensor chips, requiring high speed and high frequency application. Do contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if we can be of further assistance.

Fri, 9 March 2018

Thank you to all who have visited our booth at the recent BiTS Mesa 2018 in Mesa, Arizona. We appreciate the opportunity to meet, network and discuss your test and tooling solutions needs. Our sales team will be following up with you on your requests. Thank you everyone for your support at our booth.

Thu, 26 February 2018

On 26th February, TTS Penang had the Prosperity Toss, which is also called Yee Sang as a symbol of Abundance and Good Luck. Everyone had their good times in celebrating the event!

Thu, 22 February 2018

On 22nd February 2018, TTS Taiwan held their "Start Work" ceremony. Grand opening for resuming work on the 1st day after the Chinese New Year is considered an important event for the Chinese community. It is believed that the selection of an auspicious date for the grand opening brings prosperity and good blessings for the whole year.

Thu, 22 February 2018

In conjunction with Renri, the seventh day of Chinese New Year, TTS Team in Johor had the Prosperity Toss, which is also called Yee Sang as a symbol of Abundance and Good Luck.

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