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Test Socket Manufacturer

To ensure that products meet regulations and specifications, a product needs to be effectively tested. More so for small, complex applications and technology devices, where the testing solutions are far more complex.  TTS Group specialises in a range of test and tooling probes and sockets designed to help engineers to assure the performance reliability of their products.

Our test sockets are made for high performance and are of top quality, to guarantee a smooth, effortless process. We believe in providing our partners and customers with effective and intelligent solutions that they can apply with ease.  Choose the solutions of TTS Group cater to the needs of detailed and complex systems.

A wide range of test sockets for a variety of applications

The purpose of test socket is to streamline the connection and design process in a product. This essential part affects productivity as well as to ensure the products are safe and ready for use by consumers.

We have a range of test sockets solutions in a variety of device package sizes and for various applications. Our range of test sockets include:

Providing innovative designs for testing

AT TTS Group, we believe in providing our clients with the latest and most effective technology when it comes to solutions for test tooling. We know that, as engineers, you are always looking for high quality, precise products that can help optimise your productivity and help with smaller, finer details. Testing solutions are a vital part of the puzzle, and this is the reason we put emphasis on test sockets and other related test accessories.

At TTS Group, we  value the high standards in our products, and our service. If you need a test socket for your engineering needs or for production, browse our test and tooling range today.  Just fill out our ‘Get Quote’ page and we will get back to you.