News & Events

Fri, 5 September 2014

TTSG had launched a Reading Campaign with the goal of expanding the knowledge of our people and keeping them informed in a Knowledge Based Economy. Some simple games were organized to kick start the campaign, which saw an overwhelming participation. It is hope that the Reading Campaign can cultivate a reading culture among our employees.

Thu, 21 August 2014

TTS Malaysia held a fire drill exercise on all their sites in Penang and Johor. The fire drill was part of the Group’s continuous safety practice to prepare our employees to evacuate safely during fire emergencies situation.

Fri, 27 June 2014

Three TTS staff were recently conferred the Certified Strategic Advisor certificate by the Leadership Council of Randall Bell, after having successfully completed the Strategy 360 course requirements. Strategy 360 , developed by America Randall Bell, a strategic thinker, is a step by step strategic thinking framework structured around 10 elements for developing both business and personal strategy on a one page plan, to propel people and organizations towards sustainable performance. Congratulations!

Fri, 27 June 2014

TTS JB recently booked a movie hall theatre exclusively for all our TTS staff to enjoy the movie “Transformer – Age of Extinction” on its 2nd day of debut in Johor. This movie outing is an “employee management togetherness” event to create closer rapport with each other, outside the work environment. All attending the movie were also treated to a popcorn combo set and given a T-shirt each.

Wed, 18 June 2014

TTSG congratulates Auto Lathe Production team in Johor Bharu to sustain the 5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke) housekeeping practice in its daily operations. The team emerged as this year’s winner in the annual 5S Competition in the Johor Bahru facility, and received a token of appreciation for their exemplary effort.

Thu, 5 June 2014

TTS congratulates 3 of our own QA employees who have recently attained the qualification of Certified Quality Inspector. The certification is a confirmation of the proficiency of our QA practitioners in the use of quality related tools and techniques, and our continue commitment towards providing quality services and solutions to our customers.

Wed, 28 May 2014

The strong aromatic smell of durians wafted the air … much to the delight of TTS employees for the TTS Penang “Durian Party”. The ‘King of Fruits” were brought exclusively from the famous Durian Farm in Balik Pulau, together with mangosteens and jackfruits for the TTS employees event. Our employees also have an insight on the durians “experience” shared by the farm owner, before they feasted on the different variety of durians. To add more excitement, there were also lucky draws for our employees for a perfect memorable event.

Wed, 28 May 2014

Congratulations to 3 of our Mechanical Designers who have successfully attained the certification of “Certified SolidWorks Professional” which carries the title of CSWP. The certification program is an industry standard for evaluating mechanical design professionals. With the certification, our Mechanical Designers have joined the ranks of the most knowledgeable and proficient SolidWorks user, and establish themselves as highly competent design professionals.

Sat, 29 March 2014

As a show of support for the environmentally sustainable action to resolve the climate crisis, TTS Group sponsored its staff to participate in the Earth Hour Night Walk 2014 held recently in Penang. Our participation in this global initiative by WWF, is part of our response to cultivate green awareness amongst our staff to combat global warming.

Wed, 19 March 2014

TTS Group is working with the University of Science of Malaysia in Penang and had participated in the latest Career Fair on the Engineering Campus. Our Booth had attracted an over whelming visit during the 2 days. Our participation in the Fairs of local universities, is part of our ongoing efforts to woo talented engineering graduates with good capabilities to build their career and grow with us.