What is 5G? Are we ready for it ?

5G is the next generation of cellphone technology and boosts of internet speeds several times faster than 4G up to 1Gbps.

This new 5G technology can be a revolutionary development and aid in the growth of the world economy. 5G will provide lighting fast internet speed and help in the research and development of artificial intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and internet of things (IoT).

5G will also be a boon in defense communication and military advancement. 5G will provide higher speed connectivity to the entire world and will also help in space technology research and development. Thus, 5G has the power to change the way we live today and give a new direction to the entire civilization and mankind.

However, 5G requires much higher signals and frequencies to reach everywhere and these microwave signals at higher frequencies might possess a threat to human and animal lives. These are the reasons why people are concerned about 5G.

Today, the 5G network is becoming a hotspot. Compared with 4G, is there only a difference of 1G? The high-end 4G network, also called 4G+, LTE-A or 4.5G, provides a peak download speed of 300Mbit/s. In contrast, 5G is expected to deliver a speed exceeding 1Gb / s (1000Mbit / s), and even approaching 10Gb / s (10000Mbit / s).

Nowadays, we have enjoyed the smooth streaming media service as videos and games with the powerful functions of high-end GPUs, but only when we walk into the 5G era comes, these kinds of enjoyment could truly integrate into our lives.

So what does 5G mean for the future of WiFi? It may mark the end of traditional l connections between WiFi and cellular signals, and all devices will use the 5G-NR standard. Thus we’ll welcome a new era with "always connected” mobile devices. You only need to look for 5G instead of looking for WiFi or the LTE signals, and the device will remain connected no matter where you are.

5G technology is said to offer many improvements in speed, latency, bandwidth, energy efficiency, and revolutionary IoT. It clearly offers us a lot of benefits and improvements from the tech sector. I think most people are ready and looking forward to 5G. It is just a matter of time until the technology can support 5G and turn it into reality and then more people will grow into the idea of 5G.

5G Technology is a creative feature which leads our world upgrade to the next level, such as mobile phone, IoT, Medical, Automotive radar, security and more. To meet the test mode of 5G IC like OTA, 5G socket will be specially designed to meet the signal transmit direction.