A lovely face of TTS employee

Starting her career with TTS Group 15 years ago has impacted her life positively, and she had never looked back. Tan Swat Leng (SL Tan) currently holds the position of Senior Sales Engineer in TTS Group Headquarters, Singapore and was recently awarded the Long Service Award in recognition of her years of service, commitment and contribution to the TTS Group.

Talking about her work experience in TTS Group, she said, “This is the kind of work environment that I enjoyed.” TTS Group is known for its teamwork, which has been a culture of the organization. She added, “I work with a wonderful team where everyone is supporting each other and is cohesive.”

Throughout her career in TTS, SL Tan has the opportunity to be exposed to different departments and this had broadened her knowledge of the overall aspects of the ATE test and tooling operations. “I was given a chance to be involved in various functions such as Purchasing, QA, and Quality Management System and now, I am in Sales. These valuable exposures in various functions have given me an insight of the end-to-end test tooling solutions; right from design to the realisation of the end product, as well as on the engagement with stakeholders,” says SL Tan.

Quality time in sharing and interacting with other TTS colleagues is what SL Tan enjoys the most. She says, “I enjoyed our company trips, which are great bonding time, where I get to know other colleagues from different sites.” Such employee events nourish the cohesiveness of the team towards the development of a progressive work culture.

Nevertheless, she reminisced that her path with TTS Group was also fraught with challenges. She remembered the time that she had to step up to the challenge of getting the ISO 9001 Quality Management System accreditation for the TTS facility in Johor.

“We have to work relentlessly against time and convince every one of the benefits to sustain an organised workflow with proper documentation. At that time, I have zero experience of handling the ISO 9001 QMS process – there were tight timelines to meet, training to attend, processes to align and work procedures to be put in place,” says SL Tan. The period then was chaotic and hectic, but our efforts paid off when our Johor site was successfully certified under ISO 9001.

On her experience with customers, she shared the time that she had to resolve a situation where a customer was facing a line down issue on their test floor, “The issue was resolved using a ‘win-win’ partnership approach; one of the FIVE Core Values advocated in the TTS Values commitment to its stakeholders. The customer was very happy and until today, this customer is still with us.”

When asked about the best part of working in TTS, she shared that it is happiness, “I believe that happy employees are infectious, and their enthusiasm and passion shape the positive work environment of TTS.” SL Tan enthused that the strong growth and stability of TTS made it an attractive place to grow her career.

A lot of changes have taken place in TTS since the time she had joined. From a small cosy office, TTS is today one of the reliable names in the field of ATE test and tooling solutions in Asia and around the world. The growth of TTS Group that she had witnessed is also parallel to her long-term personal career goal. She believes that there is much to learn and contribute in TTS.