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Price is lower, and the quality is good, compare the other this price, the quality is good... I'm very happy to use your product...
Andy YangSnr Staff Engineer - Broadcom
Innovativeness, cost effectiveness and agility is the most important things we look for ...even after leaving Intel, I will always recommend TTS and will continue to do so.
Ashoke SethFormer Director - Intel
TTS socket is easy to use, great to put on, easy to remove and replace from board to board...
Paul WilliamsEngineering Tech - Broadcom
The reason to purchase TTS socket is not only low cost but high quality... perform in lab and to temperature testing.
Dale RasmusenPrincipal Engineer - Teknovus
...repeatability from trial to trial, and all in all, we have good support, certainly a robust product, so we are happy with it.
Christian WiherSenior Principal Engineer - Broadcom
The quality and design of sockets and pins are very good, my customers and business units are happy with the sockets. With that obviously we prefer TTS.
Errol MonsaleTest Hardware Engineer - IDT
The technology of TTS is novel and leading edge. I am excited from the information that is provided from this high technology company.
Akira NagashimaDirector - Toshiba
We are happy working with the Japanese team with great support. Let’s grow together.
SaitoDirector - Elia







TTS Group: Test Tooling Solutions Provider for Semiconductor Industries

Being an engineering service solutions provider of test and tooling, we at Test Tooling Solutions Group work in collaboration with customers to customise and deliver quality test probes and sockets to cater for automated high-volume testing and also for low volume engineering testing production environment.

We understand the unique challenges of testing device packages, and customization of test and tooling solutions based on device pitch, signal integrity, power delivery and contact resistance requirements to meet the desired performance level.  With TTS Group as your supply chain partner, you can be assured that our solutions reduce the overall cost of the test of your production process. We continuously innovate solutions in tandem with market technology, and to shorten the time to market to meet your test and tooling solutions needs.

Preferred choice in high precision and reliable test tooling solutions

Our mission at TTS Group is to be Asia’s leading semiconductor test and tooling solutions provider.  Our dedicated team understand the issues that engineers face in designing and developing products that are reliable. Product performance reliability testing is a crucial part of the process, and this is where customers can seek the expertise of TTS to bring the best possible solutions to solve some of the most challenging issues in semiconductor test and tooling today. 

Our test and tooling solutions include:

Find the right test probes and socket solutions for your testing application requirements

The first company within TTS Group was founded in 1979 in California.  Our Group’s mission is to create values for its stakeholders by reducing the total cost of test and shortening the time to market for our customers. Our team consistently incorporate these values into our services for the customers.  Keeping customers satisfied is our focus, and our care for the customers begin from the moment the solutions enquiry is received, and include after-sales customer service.  We partner and collaborate with customers on their requirements every step of the way.  

If you are responsible for the test and tooling solutions to test the reliability of your device performance, contact TTS Group as your preferred choice.